(Daegu, South Korea)(Architeture)(Architecture)2023-12-16

Sayuwon Architecture Park

Outdoor Architecture Park designed by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza, which houses contemporary art installations and exhibitions.

Sayuwon is a space of pung-ryu, the Korean tradition of art fused with nature. It is the quintessence of man-made nature spread along 700 thousand square meters of the Palgong Mountain range. Sayuwon is an arboretum, a mountain garden, and a space of contemplation.

It is home to the elemental spaces of world-renown architects, landscape designers, and artists as well as the primordial stones and age-old quince trees, pines, myrtles, and hornbeams, lifetime collections of Sayuwon’s founder Yoo Jaesung, Chairman of TC Taechang. Walk along the valleys and ridges of Sayuwon. Feel the mountain air of the seasons; the shadows of rough concrete and rusted iron; and at times, the song and music of pung-ryu. Sense the beauty of Sayuwon as beckons to our true selves.

Text courtesy of sayuwon.com

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