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Six Dots Design

Six Dots Design aims to give more people access to handmade, circularly designed objects representing our current generation. 

Six Dots Design is a furniture and object design and manufacturing studio in London, United Kingdom.

It was founded in 2020 by artist and designer Joseph Ellwood out of a love of furniture and beautiful objects. We make all of our pieces in our London workshop and feel as though there is an inseparable link between the designing and making of our work. Six Dots Design launched its first collection in 2022, Contemporary Vanity. The pieces in the collection are laser cut from aluminium using a distributed manufacturing service, reducing wasted machine time and material. The studio aims to give more people access to handmade, circularly designed objects representing our current generation. 

Contemporary Vanity

Contemporary Vanity is a five-piece collection. It contains a table, chair, mirror, modesty screen and hanging rail. The collection asks the question: What should the furniture of the future be?

Each piece from the collection is made from raw finished aluminium, a material that can be readily reused and recycled. This recyclability, coupled with new low-carbon cathode technologies, makes aluminium a sustainably plausible material for the future. 

The collection enables the lone maker to be commercially viable. The entire collection is laser-cut using a digital fabrication service. Designing and making using the latest laser technology and digital manufacturing empowers the individual designer/maker to make high-volume products cost-comparably to the high street. 

The collection's aesthetic aims to challenge and disrupt the mid-century norms of furniture today. I have taken inspiration from the likes of Perriand and Prouvé and distorted their pieces to create a body of work that relates to our current generation. Our lives today are fluid in gender, identity, expression and thought. This collection represents this confusion, indecision and anxiety whimsically and endearingly. 

This collection aims to question what it means to reflect your identity through the objects surrounding you. 

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