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Junsoo Kim

Inspired by self-healing skin disease and conditions, Junsoo Kim is driven by the eagerness to resolve the material itself into a concrete reality, not a virtual one. His interest lies in tactile materials, and he presents installation work using various media formats.

Born in 1990 in Seoul, Korea. Junsoo Kim is a kinetic artist currently based in Seoul.

He studied Visual Design and Sculpture and graduated with a Master's from Media Art & Technology, Kookmin University (Korea)

Inspired by self-healing skin diseases and conditions, Kim is driven by the eagerness to resolve the material itself into a concrete reality, not a virtual one where things vanish away in the air. Therefore, he discovered an interest and obsession with tactile materials and presents installation work mainly using various media.

His works were shown at the Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Gallery9, CheongJu Museum Of Art, Berlin Commercial Awardees Shortlist, Cadilac House,  Davinchi Creative Geumcheon Art Factory, HIGHTIDE, Fukuoka(Japan), among other institutions.

He won the 'New Hero' award from Public Art magazine and President's Award for the 70th Independence Festival. He also participated in the project with Art Center Nabi and 'Davinchi Creative' Seoul Cultural Foundation.

Element of the Sense

The work Element of the Sense is a series of works whose theme is 'capturing brief moments in our memories with the emotions we are having from our senses.'

This AVS project produced the sixth version, and the primary form of the work was composed of the intersection of kinetic art and lighting art. The ver.6 went further from projecting the RGBW spotlight source. The artist projected a wave onto the artwork, which is the light from outside the visible area generated when terahertz (THz) passes through a narrow gap.

In Element of Sense ver.6, we intend to further expand the 'field distribution' in space by projecting this wave data onto a sculptural object. The distribution of the field in the area is the source of all forces, and that force expands the human body's sense of space as a measure. Light is an objectified tool and subject of subjective experience, and the atmosphere where the work is installed entirely depends on the audience's existence.

In addition, light is also a field of energy that illuminates a space. Space forms an ever-changing 'distribution of fields' and makes viewers contemplate the flow of waves connected without boundaries. This series of processes were implemented flatly in previous works from ver.1 to ver.5. Still, in this ver.6, it turned into a Mobius strip with a more organic form where the audience can find the visual flow connected without boundaries.

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