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Awaji Yume Butai by Tadao Ando

Awaji Yumebutai, or Dream Stage, is designed to feel as many natural elements as possible, such as water, wind, light, shade, mountains, the sky, and the ocean, which might be missed in daily life.

"Awaji Yumebutai" is designed to hope you feel as many nature elements as possible, such as water, wind, light, shade, mountains, the sky and the ocean, which you might miss on your daily lives.

The 21st century is no longer in an age when nature can take care of itself. Each of us must have a strong will to live together with the environment by taking diligently some kind of actions against nature. Hopefully, this will be a trigger to enhance awareness of the "environment", even if only slightly, such as nature around us including trees in the garden, streams, Mt. Rokko and Osaka Bay as well as long-term global changes including natural disasters like earthquakes.

"Yumebutai" that was born at the turning point of the year 2000. I wish it will be a place surrounded by water and greenery, and continue to fill people with great courage, crossing over the next a thousand years.

– Extract from the Awaji Yumebuitai Photo Book "Dream Stage in the 21st Century", Tadao Ando


Tadao Ando

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